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Roland Weede joined Dennemeyer & Associates in July 2017. He advises clients on matters of trademark and design registrations worldwide and related questions of contract law and litigation. Admitted to the German Bar Association in 2003, he has extensive experience working in law firms in the fields of Intellectual Property, contract law and commercial litigation. For several years, he was part of the trademarks department of a prestigious German IP law firm in Tokyo and has been partner at the law firm TMSJ Rechtsanwälte. Prior to joining Dennemeyer & Associates in Munich as Head of Trademarks, Roland Weede had been leading the trademark and litigation department at a Munich patent law firm.

The European Court of Justice issued a decision to restrict the selective distribution contracts that concerns the preservation of the image of luxury brands.

Etappensieg für die Software Adblock Plus der eyeo GmbH: Das OLG München hat das Geschäftsmodell des Ad-Blocking nicht als unzulässige Beeinflussung eingestuft.