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Cary Levitt is the US chief operating officer for Dennemeyer Group, where he develops and implements strategies to exploit Dennemeyer’s extensive IP services. Levitt’s 30 years of corporate experience ranges from the development of IP strategies to forming strategic alliances.

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Dennemeyer & Associates is pleased to announce Victoria Friedman as the new Director of our US office. Victoria Friedman is an IP attorney specializing in client counseling, procurement and IP management. She represents some of the largest brand owners in the world.

Following a pilot program conducted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the USPTO is considering and implementing some new procedures that will have a big effect on trademark filers, especially those belonging to foreign companies.

Identifying the value and purpose of an IP asset at any point in its lifecycle is critical to creating improvements to a company or law firm's operation.

TM practitioners are constantly juggling how to efficiently allocate services, satisfy diverse portfolio requirements, and stay within a tightening budget.