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Christophe van Zyl is an attorney at law (South Africa) and Trade Mark Practitioner (South Africa), and Head of Dennemeyer’s Africa Practice Group. Christophe van Zyl is excited to combine his passion for trademarks, the potential of the African market and process management by developing the new Dennemeyer Africa practice group. His experience covers Trademark filing, prosecution and litigation with a focus on Africa, anti-counterfeiting, licensing, packaging of pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs in Africa, domain names, commercial IP and advice focusing on Africa.

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Africa is an important continent for the production of minerals and precious metals, but very little jewelry is manufactured there.

IP infringement can, in some instances, be accompanied by the theft of actual physical property or in conjunction with other civil wrongdoings and crimes.

To the ordinary consumer, trademark-infringing and counterfeit goods are simply perceived to be “fake” because they look identical to an established product but, from a legal perspective, things are not that simple.

According to Wipo’s statistics for the year 2015, the African continent was the recipient of approx. 0.5 percent of the world’s patent filings in that year.