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Posts by Dr. Christopher Brückner

Many IP-experts in the pharmaceutical industry know Dr. Brückner as the author of the German-English commentary on Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs). His combined qualifications as a patent attorney and pharmacist, in combination with his corporate in-house experience, make him a sought-after contact for legal and entrepreneurial issues. His articles are published in law journals, and he is frequently invited to speak on this topic. He is also a co-author of the Singer / Stauder commentary on the European Patent Convention.


SPCs are essential in the pharmaceutical and plant variety industries because they provide a means to extend patent protection for up to five years.

As the world races to develop an effective vaccine to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, many discussions have surrounded the impact that patents will have on access to such treatment.

Does the European Regulation on Supplementary Protection Certificates still meet today's technological requirements? Dr. Christopher Brückner, from Dennemeyer & Associates, weights in.

The arena of SPCs is one of the most sophisticated and fascinating issues in the field of Intellectual Property, with one of the highest financial values.