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Dr. Dallas Wilkinson is a customer-focused, strategic international leader, growing businesses and people by applying & commercializing technology, with more than 30 years in the Global Mining Services sector. He has extensive international experience gained through working in more than 60 countries in roles spanning R & D, technology, sales, marketing, business management, general management, strategy, safety, risk, manufacturing, operations and business turnarounds. Dr. Dallas Wilkinson holds a Bachelor Degree with Honors in Science, a Ph.D. in Chemistry and an MBA in Technology Management and has worked in many different countries and cultures across the world during his career. He is an experienced Company Director, coach and mentor.

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Following our last article in the series, we discuss the relevance of CDAs, their essential components and situations in which they are used.

When it comes to the protection of technological innovation, many factors come into play, but the question is: to patent or to keep it as a trade secret?

While the majority of IP types are subject to strict rules, guidelines and timeframes due to the requirement of registration, trade secrets do not require such formalities. Or do they?