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Dr. Richard Brunner's relationship with the Dennemeyer Group dates back to 2008 when he joined the company as Head of Trademarks with the mission to restructure the trademark legal practice of Dennemeyer & Associates and to establish the firm's first foreign branch office. Today, Dr. Brunner heads the Legal, Compliance, Risk Management and Quality Management departments and oversees an excellent team of international corporate legal counsels. Prior to joining, Dr. Brunner worked several years as a litigator in copyrights for recognized law firms with a focus on the music industry. Dr. Brunner is passionate about making legal topics accessible to non-lawyers and writes articles relating to copyrights, IP legal outsourcing, and corporate governance.

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Ryan Abbott has written an excellent book that is both an introduction to AI and a sound basis for progressive considerations about how legal regulation can incentivize AI development.

Despite bold headlines suggesting a new generation of lawyers who are sometimes called legal coders, the tech-savvy legal counsel is still a scarce minority.

IP management goes far beyond the pure protection of IPRs, and many small and medium-sized enterprises are searching for a proactive way to utilize their rights.

Do you believe that blockchain is here to save the future of IP management? In an engaging presentation, Dr. Richard Brunner, Chief Legal Officer of the Dennemeyer Group, discusses the impact of blockchain technology on Intellectual Property.

Chinese court accepts blockchain technology as evidence in civil law case.

Die Studie "The future of Intellectual Property" beschreibt, wie sich das Management von IP künftig verändern wird und leitet daraus Strategieoptionen ab.

Lawyer Monthly spoke with Dr. Richard Brunner about how technology and blockchain will disrupt the protection of Intellectual Property.