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Edward Chalfie is a graduate of MIT and Loyola University of Chicago Law School. He has taken graduate courses in the Master’s Program of John Marshall Law School and has lectured on legal issues to business and professional groups as well as the examining corps of the US Patent and Trademark Office. He has litigated many matters in the federal courts and the administrative tribunals of the USPTO, including the landmark United States Supreme Court case Qualitex, Co. v. Jacobson Products Co. 514 U.S. 159 (1995) which established the right to protect a product's overall color as a registered trademark. Ed’s engineering background has led to his intense interest in 3D printing and IP issues around this disruptive technology. He is an active member of INTA’s Committee on Nontraditional Trademarks and the Subcommittee on 3D Printing. Ed is a senior attorney in the Chicago office of Dennemeyer & Associates LLC. In his spare time, he plays golf (when weather permits) and interviews applicants to MIT.

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