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John Walker holds degrees in engineering, economics and IP law, and has vast experience in patent and trademark prosecution. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a Past President of the Licensing Executives Society (Aust/NZ) and has been a member of LES International’s Executive Board. John Walker’s key areas of professional expertise include licensing, technology transfer, IP commercialization, IP strategy, portfolio management, IP education and intellectual asset management. In addition, he has lectured over several years at postgraduate level in the fields of technology management, innovation management, R & D management and IP. In 2012, John Walker helped establish the Australian office of Dennemeyer & Associates, which is a major resource for global IP law services.


A question from the players or stakeholders in the IP industry, the IP life cycle or ecosystem and the products and/or services being supplied in the IP sector.

A wonderful analysis of how Dennemeyer has become, over its 55 years of existence, one of the most powerful IP entities on the global market.

A detailed examination of the Patent Prosecution strategies in the Asian region, the judicious use of the PPH and the consideration of regional treaties.

World Bank GDP data for 2017 for the Asia Pacific region illustrates the enormous diversity in GDP, and thus market, and in turn trademark considerations.

When considering an “ASEAN IP strategy”, one must consider what is meant by “ASEAN” and “Asia”. These terms can be loosely interpreted or used interchangeably.