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Posts by Martin Chatel

Martin Chatel is Product and Quality Manager at Dennemeyer & Associates. He is a graduate of Sciences Po - Paris and holds a Master of Laws in European Law (LL.M.). He has a keen interest in creating product lines out of key patent processes, operations management and the monitoring of IP trends at EU level. Martin Chatel is a member of the International Institute for IP Management (I3PM).


In an effort to keep clients up to speed with the latest developments and better meet their needs and expectations, Dennemeyer & Associates has released new features in its European patent validation web application.

In recent times, national and regional patent offices have focused their efforts on the development of work-sharing tools to reduce unnecessary duplication of work and improve the efficiency of the global patent system. However, much remains to be done.

On March 1, 2018, the validation agreement between the European Patent Office and Cambodia will enter into force. Discover how validation agreements can streamline patent filings globally and help applicants reduce costs.

“Thinking outside the confines of the continental map”, discover how validation agreements might re-shape the world of European patent applications.

Over the past months, much has been said about the upcoming entry into force of the new Belgian Law of 29 June 2016 amending, a.o., the Code of Economic Law.