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Lombardo, Head of Trademarks Luxembourg, is a Trademark and Design Attorney (FR, BX) as well as European Trademark and Design Attorney, and has been active in the IP area since 2003. He obtained his IP law degree more than twelve years ago in France and in Germany. Nevertheless, his professional journey was rather unusual from commentating on international football games and the production of documentaries to heading the Luxembourg based trademark department of global IP law firm Dennemeyer Associates. Today, his former experience as an entrepreneur is a valuable asset in his relationship with clients and in the understanding of their legal and economic needs.

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Luxembourg's 2018 budget law offers a special tax incentive for certain incomes from Intellectual Property rights.

Dennemeyer professionals set some guidelines to help the players of the startup environment navigate their business through shallow and treacherous IP waters.

Discover how Article 4 (1) (e) of Directive (EU) 2015/2436 amended the absolute grounds for the refusal of a sign.