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Ovidiu Dulacioiu started working for Dennemeyer in 2019 as an IP Software Consultant. In this role, he is providing technical expertise to our software customers. Before joining Dennemeyer, he spent several years in the scientific division of South East Water (UK). Ovidiu's academic achievements are in the fields of law and computer science and his professional experience revolves around multiple commercial roles and a long career in journalism.

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Traditional searches can adapt by incorporating semantic tools to cover all the bases and ultimately reduce the chances of missing out on substantial prior-art.

Welcome to the world of DIAMS iQ! Find out which are its top 10 features and how you can use the software to manage your IP portfolio efficiently.

Although DIAMS iQ is the pinnacle of Dennemeyer’s IP software, there are many other solutions designed to be provided as complementary services.

If you are leading a busy IP department or working as a paralegal, you probably often find yourself looking for better ways to manage your organization's portfolio.