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Posts by Vanja Nedimovic

Vanja is a European Trademark and Design Attorney at Dennemeyer & Associates and active in IP law since 2010. Her area of expertise is trademark and design law, international public and private law and anti-counterfeiting. She holds a Bachelor in Communications and Law, as well as an LL.M. in International Law and has acquired experience in various IP issues at the European Commission. Currently, she represents and advises clients ranging from start-ups to large corporations in trademark and design prosecution and enforcement.

The Irish fast food-chain Supermac’s, named after its director Pat McDonagh’s high school nickname, has engaged in a trademark battle against McDonald’s Big Mac.

The long awaited implementation of Canada’s new trademark legislation has been set to June 17, 2019. The Canadian Trademark Act and Regulation have been endowed with significant revisions that will have a huge global impact on trademark protection strategies in Canada.

Anticipating new amendments to the Canadian Trademarks Act, CIPO is inviting trademark owners to categorize goods and services according to Nice classification.