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Dennemeyer talks IP: big patent data for innovation logic

Dennemeyer Group / November 1, 2018

Why should we always invent ourselves when we can use artificial intelligence and actively look for those who have already solved our problem? After all, patents are not just a protective measure but an immense source of information. Oliver Mayer, Senior Principal at General Electric - Global Research, puts the spotlight on big data and talks about patterns in patents.  

Our last external speaker at Dennemeyer Annual Meeting 2018 is professor Oliver Mayer, Senior Principal at General Electric - Global Research where he is responsible, among many others, with power generation systems. Furthermore, he drives innovation quality methodologies in the research field and has many overlaps with the IP area.

Artificial intelligence always sounds easy but, in reality, big data analysis with artificial intelligence is a lot of work. From an engineer's standpoint, learning to see things in patterns and search for other’s solutions to the same problem is more cost and time efficient. Having an answer right away is always preferable than developing your own.

Topics discussed:

  • What’s in it for TRIZ (theory of inventive problem solving): properties, principles, trend stages, functions, actions, benefits;
  • Big patent data and innovation logic for value analysis;
  • How to conduct function-oriented research;
  • AULIVE canvas: six steps to innovate.

To watch the entire presentation, please access the link below.

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Watch the video here!