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Dennemeyer talks IP: Brexit and trademarks - what is likely to happen

Dennemeyer Group / October 17, 2018

Nobody thought, in 2016, that UK would choose to leave the European Union by a slim majority of 51%. Nine months later, in March 2017, the United Kingdom invoked Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union meaning, essentially, that there was no progress on this matter. It would take a year and a half for the European Commission to publish the draft Article 50 Withdrawal Agreement, rejected by Theresa May the same day. What does all this mean for Intellectual Property law? Anna Falter, Head of Trademark Prosecution at Dennemeyer & Associates, elaborates on this subject in a video presentation, part of our Dennemeyer Annual Meeting 2018 series.

The impact Brexit will have on IP law is still unclear, even today. Most probably, there will be a conclusion of a transitional agreement, although no agreement was reached until now and the last one just recently rejected. With less than half a year to go until Brexit day, we cannot help but wonder where IP law stands.

Anna Falter has been active in the field of IP since 2009 and is an experienced trademark lawyer counseling multinational corporations, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. In this video presentation, she focuses on possible tricks that Brexit could play on trademarks in the European Union.

Topics discussed:

  • Current trademark situation, without any arrangements between UK and EU:  impact on trademarks, what is protected after the withdrawal date and how will EU rights be maintained; 
  • Possible provisions for IP law and trademarks: Montenegro model, Tuvalu model;
  • Practical tips for trademark owners: trademark docketing system, trademark portfolio, new applications in the UK, international agreements; 
  • What to keep in mind after Brexit: national UK applications for important marks, effects of Brexit on IP law. 

To watch the entire presentation, please access the link below.

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Watch the video here!