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Dennemeyer talks IP: IP budgeting and forecasting

Dennemeyer Group / September 13, 2018

The Dennemeyer Annual Meeting 2018, which took place in Munich, brought together some of the most brilliant minds in the IP industry, from all corners of Europe. This year’s event focused on sharing experiences and knowledge, while also emphasizing the exchange of opinions, information and best IP practices. First to take the stage in our 9-part video presentation is Michael Gollwitzer, Head of Corporate Intellectual Property Support at Siemens.

Our Annual Meeting 2018 has been a valuable opportunity to strengthen relationships and exchange new ideas. Point in case: “IP budgeting and forecasting” presented by the Head of Corporate Intellectual Property Support at Siemens.

Michael Gollwitzer studied Business Administration at the University of Passau and, after that, joined Siemens where he held various management positions. At present, he is heading the Department of Corporate Intellectual Property Support. In this presentation, our speaker makes a fascinating introduction to his company’s IP assets while further explaining how to structure an IP budget and make accurate forecasts, internal and external costs included.

Topics discussed: 

  • What is an IP budget (internal and external costs) and how different factors influence it - business strategy, IP strategy and competitive landscape being just a few among many;
  • The three steps to calculating a sound and successful IP budget;
  • Factors that influence the IP budget: Global Patent and Trademark offices, Business unit strategies, organizational change, etc.
  • Application of forecasting tools for external IP costs: usage and results

To watch the entire presentation, please access the link below. 

Watch the video here!