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Dennemeyer talks IP: trends and perspectives in patent harmonization

Dennemeyer Group / November 20, 2018

40 years ago, Chapter I of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) entered into force. The PCT initially applied in 13 states. In 2017, Jordan became the 152nd state to join the system. The year 2018 also marks the entry into force of the so-called validation agreement between the European Patent Office (EPO) and Cambodia's Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts (MIH). At the time, a comparable initiative was drawn up in China with respect to the validation of China patents in Cambodia. Martin Chatel, Product and Quality Manager at Dennemeyer & Associates, outlines the benefits of the validation agreements with non-member states of the European Patent Organisation. 

Martin Chatel is a graduate of Sciences Po - Paris and holds a Master of Laws in European Law. As Product Manager for European patent validations and the handling of national and regional phase entries of PCT applications, he oversees the development of new product lines and web applications aimed at streamlining patent filing processes.  

In this video presentation, part of our Dennemeyer Annual Meeting blog post series, he examines the effect of validation agreements in terms of harmonizing patent procedures, complementarily to other existing initiatives and work-sharing mechanisms such as the Global Dossier and Patent Prosecution Highway. 

Topics discussed include:

  • User expectations: timeliness, cost-effectiveness and predictability;
  • Patent Prosecution Highway: timeline, basic concept, objectives and results together with shortcomings and future trends;
  • EPO's Validation Agreements: concept, controversy (legal basis and sovereignty), validation procedures and cost management;

To watch the entire presentation, please access the link below.

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Watch the video here!